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Pyramids for prosperity, Fame & Reputation

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Pyramids for Inter-personal & Harmony

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Pyramids for Inter-personal & Harmony

Feng-shui Pyramids

This is a unique combination is invented by Dr. Jiten, use of the power of Pyramids to correct fengshui defects!
Pyron - feng shui kit(set of all 9) (Available in a kit of 9 for Feng Shui & also in singles)
Available in kit of 9 for Feng Shui. It includes Pyron Pink-Love, Pyron Red-Fame, Pyron Live Green-Wealth, Pyron Green-Family Relationship, Pyron Brown-Education, Pyron Blue-Career, Pyron Metallic-Helpful Friends, Pyron Gray-Children and Pyron Yellow-Health.
Pyron Gray-Children (Pyron Gray-Children)
Represents creativity, joy, children - and its symbol is a lake; it is associated with autumn. Supports child health, education and creativity. Its element is little metal and its direction is West. Feng Shui number - 7.
Pyron Red-Fame (Pyron Red-Fame)
Represents illumination of self, reputation, visibility (fame) in the world. It is associated with summer. It produces a source of strength and encouragement. Its element is fire and its direction is South. Feng Shui number - 9.
Pyron Blue-Career (Pyron Blue-Career)
Represents your journey through life - career; associated with winter. Also represents business, fortune and success. Its element is water and its direction is North. Feng Shui number - 1.
Pyron Green-Family Relationship (Pyron Green-Family Relationship)
Represents elder, ancestors, family, health and well being; its associated with spring and new beginning. Imparts wisdom, elderly experience and vitality. Its element is wood and its direction is east. Feng Shui number - 3.
Pyron Brown-Education (Pyron Brown-Education/Knowledge)
Represents inner knowledge, wisdom and quietness - and its symbol is mountain; associated with winter. It gives access to a deeper knowledge and education, helps you to be more intuitive. Its element is earth and direction is Northeast. Feng Shui - 8.
Pyron Live Green-Wealth (Pyron Live Green-Wealth)
Represents wealth, blessing, growth and assimilation; it is associated with wind and spring. Its a source of prosperity and material well being. Its element is wood and its direction is Southeast. Feng Shui number -4.
Pyron Metalic-Helpful Friends (Pyron Metalic-Helpful Friends)
Represents leadership, achievement, helpful friends, mentors and teachers - and symbolizes heaven; it is associated with the head of the household and autumn. Its element is strong steel and its direction is Northwest.
Pyron Pink-Love (Pyron Pink-Love)
Represents union and relationships, it is associated with yielding, summer and the maternal female. It produces peace and harmony and it is likened to a successful relationship between a man and a woman. It's element is earth and its direction is Southwest. Feng Shui number-2.
Pyron Yellow-Health (Pyron Yellow-Health)
Represents balance, harmony and health. Its symbol is Yin-Yang; and is associated with energy and vitality. Its element is earth and it is the center. Feng Shui number - 5.